Datalinks and Waypoints

  • Having trouble with your Ground Station or Mission Planner Software?
  • Wanting to maximise the range with your datalink?
  • What happens when the craft is out range of the Ground Station?
  • Not sure how to set up waypoints?
  • Want to learn more about autonomous flight?
  • Unsure of how to take back control during a waypoint mission?
  • Need to match battery capacity to speed, elevation and distance for calm and windy conditions?
Attend one of our Datalinks and Waypoints Course to find out the answers! The course includes:
  • Installation and setup of hardware and software
  • Overview of operation and user interface
  • Explanation of the different modes available
  • Setting up your Waypoints / Grids, including craft parameters
  • Flight Mission Settings and Uploads
  • Using available Tools, such as Photogrammetry
  • Practical Flight Testing with your or our craft including:
    • Mission Planning and Uploading
    • Auto Takeoff and Landing
    • Switching to and from Autopilot Modes
    • Safe regaining control during mission
  • Troubleshooting
Note: The course does not cover repairing faulty hardware, but will cover identifying any hardware and software issues on your craft. The practical flight session can be done on your craft, or our craft if need be.

Contact us for bookings and enquiries.