FAQ – Hobby and Recreation

Q. What are the legal requirements to fly RPAs for recreation?
A. As a hobby or recreational pilot, you do not require any certification when flying RPAs. However, CASA has set some limitations on where you can fly:

  • You may not fly within 3nm (5.5km) of an airport or Helicopter Landing Area
  • You may not fly higher than 120m (400ft) above ground level
  • You may not fly in Controlled or Restricted Airspace
  • You may not fly within 30m of people, buildings, cars and public roads
  • You may only fly within visual line of site (VLOS), in daylight conditions and in good weather
  • FPV / 3PV flying may be illegal without an Advanced Amateur Radio Licence

We do recommend you receive training / advice from an experienced RPAS pilot if you are new to the RPAS world.

Q. What airspace can I fly in?
A. As long as you are more than 3nm (5.5 km) from an airfield or Helicopter Landing Area (HLA), not in a direct flight path to or from an airport, or in Restricted or Controlled Airspace, you may fly your UAV under 120 m (400 ft) above ground level (and abide by the rest of CASA’s UAV guidelines).

Q. Can I fly in public parks or grounds?
A. You would need to check your city or town’s local regulations to see the weight limitations allowed in your local parks and grounds. Brisbane for example will only allow model aircraft/UAV/RPAs below 500 grams of weight. There will also be a speed limitation.