FAQ – RPAS Training

Q. What certification do I need to fly my UAV or RPA commercially?
A. Firstly you require a UAV Controller Certificate (formerly a Remote Pilot Certificate) to be able to fly the craft commercially. You also need to either personally hold a UAV Operator’s Certificate, OR be employed by an organisation that holds a UOC to be able to legally charge for your UAV / RPA services.
Q. What is a UAV Operators Certificate (UOC)?
A. If you wish to operate a business using UAVs / RPAs or add UAV operations to your existing business, you will need a UAV Operators Certificate. A UOC is a license issued by CASA to a business or individual to conduct UAV operations commercially.
Q. What other qualifications do I need for a UAV Controller Certificate?
A. If you intend to fly in controlled airspace, you will require an AROC (Aviation Radio Operator Certificate) which is obtained from a course and exam by CASA approved Instructors, and you also need to complete an English Proficiency Test. We can provide AROC training and assessment as an option during the RPAS course in Brisbane.
Q. What are the different requirements between under 2kg and under 20kg weight class?”
A. CASA is currently considering legislating that RPA’s under 2kg will not require onerous and expensive certificates to be able to operate commercially. However, there will be restrictions, such as unable to apply for Area Approvals, not able to obtain public liability insurance without certification, unable to fly in controlled airspace or over populous areas, etc.
Q. As a hobbyist, what is the largest Multi Rotor I can fly without requiring training or certification?
A. Whatever craft you intend to fly as a hobbyist, we recommend some training from experienced pilots. Again, under 2kg is definitely a recreational class, but check with your city council by laws for any further limitations. Brisbane only allows under 500g in public places for example, Gold Coast does not allow any model or hobby craft with a motor or propeller on it in their public places. If your craft is heavier than 2kg, then you should only fly outside of populous areas to minimise risk of injury or damage to persons or property as you won’t have Public Liability Insurance. Model Club members are an exception.
Q. What is involved in getting an Operators Certificate?
A. You having to lodge application Form 041 and submit Operator’s, Flight and Maintenance Manuals. A CASA inspector will interview you and conduct a witnessed flight test. It can take 6 to 9 months to obtain your Operator’s Certificate from date of submission to CASA.
Q. Can wickED copters provide a full bundle from training to operations?
A. YES, we sure can! We are dedicated to training and preparing you for the commercial and recreational unmanned aviation world. Our instructors are commercial and private helicopter pilots with years of Multi Rotor experience.
Q. What is the advantage to attending our 5 day RPAS Controller Certificate course?
A. As our RPAS Controller Certificate course is aimed specifically at UAV / RPA commercial operations and the Remote Pilot, the theory is covered in 3.5 days including the not-so-difficult open book assessment, and you will also learn how to fly a Multi Rotor UAV. The course can include the AROC in the same time frame if selected. In addition, you will obtain a discounted rate for the preparation assistance of your UAV Operators Certificate documentation.
Q. What is the biggest advantage of using wickED copters?
A. If you want to fly Multi Rotors, Fixed Wing or Helicopters, we believe it is preferable to be trained by a commercial UAV CASA approved specialist flying all of these craft. We use UAV’s for commercial purposes too, so we also have the industry experience.