Manufacturer Type Training

We are able to provide Manufacturer Type Training  for both under 7kg and under 20kg for multi rotor, helicopter and fixed wing craft for your UAV Controller Certificate (formerly Remote Pilot Certificate).

If you have your UAV Controller Certificate (formerly Remote Pilot Certificate) for a fixed wing and require to add a multi rotor to your certificate, or vice versa, we are able to provide the Type Training you require.

If you hold a PPL, CPL or ATPL license, and wish to apply for your UAV Controller Certificate, you only require Type Training and proof of 5 hours logged flying time on your craft type.

The Type Training includes theory covering the relevant components, batteries, maintenance and operations. You will also be required to complete the practical flight training. Assessments will be required for both theory and practical courses. You will also need to submit a copy of your signed logbook to us before your flight test, reflecting 5 hours flight time already completed on the craft type prior to you doing the Training.

Further information, costs and bookings for the various Type Training is available here.