Aerial Photography

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  • Wanting to maximise the use of your UAV / RPA for aerial photography?
  • Not sure if your gimbal and camera are setup correctly?
  • How to set up waypoints and points of interest?
  • How to control the UAV / RPA for the best angles?
  • What do the film directors look for in aerial photography?
Attend one of our Aerial Photography courses to get the answers! The course includes:
  • Installation and setup of gimbal and camera
  • Overview of operation and user interface / controls
  • Explanation of the different settings available
  • Explanation of terminology used in the film industry
  • Setting up your Waypoints, including craft camera parameters
  • Integrating Waypoints into my aerial photography
  • Practical Flight Mission to:
    • implement safe setup, test and post flight steps
    • Optimal camera settings for different conditions and effects
    • operate the gimbal and camera
    • carry out a videography mission using the film industry options
    • take still shots (if this facility is available on your craft)
    • reset the Gimbal if required (mid air or return to land)
    • post processing tips and tricks
  • Troubleshooting
Note: The course does not cover repairing faulty gimbals or cameras, but will cover identifying any hardware and software issues. The practical flight session will be done on your craft.

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