UOC Support Workshop

UAV Operator’s Certificate (UOC) Support Workshop

Once you have completed your UAV / RPA Controller Certificate, you will be required to prepare and submit your UOC application in order to carry out a commercial operation (e.g. if you plan to carry out aerial photography, surveying or other operations for financial gain).

From February 2016, CASA have simplified the application process and reduced their fees since the earlier days of UOC applications, but their application fee will still be at least three thousand dollars for reviewing your application (paid directly to CASA by you). CASA will also process your UOC within 2 to 4 months, subject to the complexity of your application.

With the new UOC application standards and templates coming into effect early this year, we are able to assist you with your UOC preparation and submission of the CASA Form 041, Operating Manual, and your operational library of Flight Manuals and Maintenance Manuals.

Since CASA are currently streamlining the application process, we recommend that you download Form 041 and request their Information Pack in the first instance to understand their requirements.

The complexity of the application will be determined by the operations you wish to conduct and the number and type of craft you wish to operate.

Our one day workshop focus is broader than simply the UOC application and is designed to facilitate the running of an operation under a UOC, including:

  • Discussion about the Operational Manual, including compliance obligations
  • Assistance with completing the application form 041
  • Assistance with the development of documentation required to populate the Operational Library
  • Key pointers about the actual assessment process
  • Overview of mission planning and tasks
  • Overview of special operations and the application process
  • You will need to bring your laptop (with Word 2010 or later installed) and all relevant information regarding your craft to the workshop for you to draw up the above documents.

Note that you need to take ownership of the UOC documentation and ensure that the content matches your operational needs.

While we assist you to set up and create the documents to meet the UOC submission requirement, the documentation content and craft specific data is your responsibility to ensure correctness. This service excludes the fee payable to CASA when you lodge your application.

Book here to develop and prepare your UOC application.